Sachin’s biopic: An emotional treat that can’t be bettered

Some places are reserved for the truly great people. Nobody ever gets free passes to such places and even if someone manages to sneak through, the true great remains easily recognisable. The adulation, level of praise and everything else that a great person is a recipient of, have a sense of inevitability and genuineness about them. Simply put, this biopic will hold a special place in people’s hearts to the extent that nothing else can. Sachin will be himself and nobody, at least in India, can demote him from the status he has enjoyed and will continue to for the rest of his life.

Sachin Tendulkar is a destiny’s child who endeared himself to the cricketing fraternity. He had admirers during his playing days and even long after his career came to an end in November 2013, he still has people from every walk of life singing his praises. Not unduly, mind you! Team India’s former No. 10 is an epitome of a great human being and his 24-year international cricket career deserved a grand celebration. Which is precisely what “Sachin A Billion Dreams” is all about: a celebration and a proper walk down the memory lane for the man himself and his sea of unwavering supporters.

If you’ve been a devotee of the man they call the ‘God of cricket’, you might not find anything you had not seen or heard about before, during the 140-minute biopic. But it captures the very essence of this country’s icon, his long and successful career, the people who were a part of his success, and of course, his huge fan base. Talking about his fans, their “Sachin, Sachin…” chants still carry the same energy as they did when the master blaster was in his elements, representing the country and trying to win cricket matches. Theatres, as was expected, are reverberating with chants of “Sachin, Sachin…” and nobody needs telling the level of fun Tendulkar’s fans are having.

It’s a comprehensive story which covers everything from Sachin’s childhood days, what inspired him to take up cricket, the mental toughness he had at the very beginning of his cricket career, the disappointment of bowing out of the 1996 world cup at the semi-final stage, the two breathtaking innings against Australia in Sharjah, the highest point of his career, till the afternoon on November 16, 2013, when his time had come to say goodbye to the sport he loved and dedicated himself to for 24 long years.

Over the course of this biopic, his family members take much of the centre-stage. And therein lies a lesson that for all the runs Tendulkar scored and the matches he won for the country, he had an important group of people starting with his wife, brother Ajit and his coach, among others, supporting him in whatever capacity they could.

The 1996 match-fixing scandal was another vital component of this biopic, giving us more than a sneak peek into a sensitive subject. Sachin narrating his entire career, providing a revelation of his family life and the team talks in the dressing room at various instances, were undeniably the standout aspects. Sachin’s biopic is one which invokes emotions. It’s one which inspires you. And it’s one which allows you to relive Sachin’s career along with yours.

Bottom line is, Sachin A Billion Dreams is the perfect summary of the greatest professional career!


  1. Perfect snapshot about the movie Suhith. That is why we need content writers. You may know how exactly place the words about the right emotions. It was a long wait for every Sachin fan for the movie. And its worth every second of the wait. First thing first don’t expect this as movie of entertainment rather its a lesson of life about champions. Nothing comes for free in the competitive world. To achieve a greatness like him it took lots of sacrifice from him as well as so many people around him. Kudos to each one everyone of them, they made it look easy for us and for Sachin. Its easy to term someone like Sachin Tendulkar as a lucky one. Who is not for that matter everyone played international level games are talented, dedicated and lucky in any of the sports. But what made him special his is discipline along with all the other traits. Over night stars are celebrated here even before seeing a set back and fighting over it. And no one, I mean no one has the right to question this man in the context of what he had offered for the game and the nation. If they are still questioning please go and watch this BioPic leaving your ego outside the gate. You will understand he is inspirational all over again. Discipline, Dedication, Passion and Cricket = SACHIN TENDULKAR….I cherished his stature in the big screen and doubt that I will watch it again. He always inspired me and he will always do. He is the best and always will be. I love him because he is Sachin Ramesh Temdhulkar. Period.

    1. Wonderfully put, Charles!

      Dedication and discipline were the aspects that made Sachin Tendulkar stand out from his competition. Also, he reinvented himself as his career progressed. During the 2000s, when injuries started taking a toll on his body, he started playing paddle sweeps and uppercuts to keep churning out runs, and no matter what he did, he was a sight to behold on the TV screen or at the venue. For everything the Bombay Bomber achieved, you can be really proud to be a Sachin fan, Charles.

      Go on, watch Sachin A Billion Dreams as many times as you want. It’s that good!

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