Man City club honours

Man City trophies
Year Honour
2021 Premier League
2021 Football League/Carabao Cup
2020 Football League/Carabao Cup
2019 FA Community Shield
2019 FA Cup
2019 Premier League
2019 Football League/Carabao Cup
2018 FA Community Shield
2018 Premier League
2018 Football League/Carabao Cup
2016 Football League Cup
2014 Premier League
2014 Football League Cup
2012 FA Community Shield
2012 Premier League
2011 FA Cup
2002 Football League champions
1999 Division Two playoff winners
1976 Football League Cup
1973 FA Community Shield
1970 European Cup Winners Cup
1970 Football League Cup
1969 FA Community Shield
1969 FA Cup
1968 Division One Champions
1966 Division Two champions
1956 FA Cup
1947 Division Two Champions
1938 FA Community Shield
1937 Division One Champions
1934 FA Cup
1928 Division Two champions
1910 Division Two champions
1904 FA Cup
1903 Division Two champions
1899 Division Two champions


How many trophies have Man City won in total/history?

36, precisely. Manchester City have won five Premier League titles, six FA Cups, eight Football League Cups (now Carabao Cup), six Division Two titles, two Division One titles, one Football League Championship title, one European Cup Winners Cup, one Division Two playoff winners trophy and six Community Shields.

Which trophies have Man City won since 2008?

Since 2008, when the takeover happened, Manchester City have won the Premier League five times, the FA Cup twice, the FA Community Shield thrice, and the Football League Cup six times.

How many trophies have Man City won in the last five years?

Under Manuel Pellegrini, Man City won the Football League Cup twice (2014 and 2016) and the Premier League once (2014). Under Pep Guardiola, they have won the Premier League thrice (2021, 2019 and 2018), the League Cup four times (2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021) and the FA Cup once.

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  1. City have 3 league titles and not much else but have a few 2nd division titles, Liverpool have a trophy room to die for.YNWA

  2. Were you actually born the last time liverpool actually won a league title ?

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