Full list of Manchester United trophies

Year Trophy/title/club honours
2017 UEFA Europa League
2017 Football League Cup
2016 FA Community Shield
2016 FA Cup
2013 FA Community Shield
2013 Premier League
2011 FA Community Shield
2011 Premier League
2010 FA Community Shield
2010 Football League Cup
2009 Premier League
2009 Football League Cup
2008 FIFA Club World Cup
2008 FA Community Shield
2008 UEFA Champions League
2008 Premier League
2007 FA Community Shield
2007 Premier League
2006 Football League Cup
2004 FA Cup
2003 Premier League
2003 FA Community Shield
2001 Premier League
2000 Premier League
1999 UEFA Champions League
1999 Intercontinental Cup
1999 FA Cup
1999 Premier League
1997 Premier League
1997 FA Community Shield
1996 FA Cup
1996 FA Community Shield
1996 Premier League
1994 FA Community Shield
1994 FA Cup
1994 Premier League
1993 FA Community Shield
1993 Premier League
1992 Football League Cup
1991 UEFA Super Cup
1991 European Cup Winners’ Cup
1990 FA Cup
1990 FA Community Shield shared
1985 FA Cup
1983 FA Cup
1983 FA Community Shield
1977 FA Community Shield shared
1977 FA Cup
1968 European Cup
1967 FA Community Shield shared
1967 First Division Championship
1965 FA Community Shield shared
1965 First Division Championship
1963 FA Cup
1957 FA Community Shield
1957 First Division Championship
1956 FA Community Shield
1956 First Division Championship
1952 FA Community Shield
1952 First Division Championship
1948 FA Cup
1911 FA Community Shield
1911 First Division Championship
1909 FA Community Shield
1909 FA Cup
1908 First Division Championship
Manchester United trophy history: Premier League-13, First Division Titles-7, Football League Cup-5, FA Cup-12, UEFA Champions League/European Cup-3, UEFA Europa League-1, UEFA Super Cup-1, FIFA Club World Cup-1, FA Community/Charity Shield-21 (17 outright, four shared), European Cup Winners’ Cup-1, Intercontinental Cup-1


How many trophies have Man United won in total?

Well, if you look at the overall trophies list (the FA Community Shield (21), the UEFA Super Cup (1), FIFA Club World Cup (1) and such), Man United have won a staggering 66 of them.

When was the last time Manchester United won a trophy?

Manchester United’s last trophy came as late as on 24 May 2017, when Jose Mourinho’s seat beat Ajax 2-0 at Friends Arena to win their first-ever UEFA Europa League.

How many Premier League titles have Man Utd won?

Manchester United have won 13 Premier League titles, with their first coming in 1992/93 and the last coming in 2012/13, all under Sir Alex Ferguson. They were the winners of the inaugural season of the Premier League (1992/93).

How many Champions League have Manchester United won?

Manchester United have won the European Cup, which is how the current UEFA Champions League was known until 1992, three times: 1968, 1999 and 2008.

How many FA Cups have Man Utd won?

The Red Devils have won the FA Cup, also known as the FA Challenge Cup, 12 times, their first coming in 1909 and the last triumph coming in 2016.

How many First Division Titles have Man United won?

Manchester United won the First Division Championship seven times between 1908 and 1967.

How many Manchester United trophies since 2004?

Since 2004, Man Utd have won 20 trophies, including the Premier League five times, Champions League one time, the UEFA Europa League once, FA Cup two times, the Football League Cup four times, the FA Community Shield six times, and the FIFA Club World Cup once.


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