DRS: Teams to have their review(s) intact for umpire’s call

On Friday (June 24), the committee of ICC chief executives ratified the recommendations that the cricket committee had made in May. Most of the recommendations and the consequent approvals have been in relation to the Decision Review System (DRS). The new rules will come in to effect on October 1.

The new DRS rule changes:

  • Teams will not be docked a review(s) if the decision is on the basis of “umpire’s call”
  • Teams will no longer get back their two reviews after the 80-over mark in Tests
  • DRS will be used in Twenty20 Internationals also

Other rule changes:

  • Umpires will now have the power to send players off the field for misconduct
  • The size of the bats is going to be reduced and made uniform: the width should be no more than 108mm, the depth 67mm and the edges 40mm
  • If the bat bounces beyond the crease, a batsman will be deemed to have made his ground

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