Premier League telecast in India 2018-19

If you’re a football fan in India following the English Premier League (EPL), you might have wondered if the 27th season of your favourite and most followed football league will be telecast/broadcast on the standard definition channels, after most of the 380 fixtures were broadcast on SD and HD channels (Star Sports Select 1 and Select 2).

And with a little more than a week to go for the start of the 2018/19 season, Cricfooty is delighted to disclose to you that you can continue watching most of the EPL fixtures, particularly those played by the top dogs, on Star Sports’ SD channels. Only in early 2017, Star India launched Select HD channels, which have been complemented by non-HD channels (Star Sports Select 1 and Select 2). And those SD channels will air either the same matches being aired on their HD counterparts, or on some weekends, the two channels will air different fixtures.

The anticipation before last season was that the experiment to broadcast Premier League matches on HD channels for a season (2016/17) will be done away with by Star, whose strategy had disappointed many sports fans in this country. Football fans strongly felt that far too much of cricketing action was being played by many of the existing channels and the Premier League, which, mind you, has a massive fan following, had gone way down the pecking order.

But after much bashing on social media and this being talked up as a major issue, Premier League fans in India have gotten what they wanted.

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So, as long as you have subscribed to Star Sports’ Select SD channels or your cable TV operator offers these channels, you need not worry about being able to catch your favourite team in action.

Enjoy yourself with EPL being aired on SD channels. All the best with the season ahead.


  1. He He, I unsubscribed from all star sports channels from dish connection last year when they decided not to air EPL matches on SD channels. I learned that, their revenue went down this year because of their so called ‘strategic move’ to increase revenue by forcing users to switch to HD channels. Its in their faces now. Eat it. I believe a whole lot of others did the same. Well done guys

      1. Only one EPL match we can’s another cheating of star broad cast all matches through diff.channels .we love epl

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