About Cricfooty

Cricfooty, founded in November 2015, gets its name from blending the first portions of cricket and football, the two sports that are comprehensively and consistently covered by this website.

Suhith’s aim has been and will always be to give cricket and football fans perspectives from which they can follow every series, competition and one-off contests too. In addition to the perspectives, insights are just as important while the competitions are being played and needless to say, he provides insights that are unique and help fans understand the driving forces behind every outcome.

Cricfooty covers every international cricket series, including Twenty20 leagues like the IPL, Indian domestic cricket tournaments, and English Premier League football. Suhith not only analyses the teams but also every individual player, the managers and coaches, who are so integral to the success and failure of every sports team.

I hope you, a sports fan, enjoy the coverage here.

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